If you have any other questions, please send us e-mail at japanhomestay@mncc.jp

Q1: What cost to scholarship students?

1) Traveler’s insurance
2) Payment of medical costs for injury or sickness
3) Other incidental costs

Q2: What is the most important ability for the students?

We expect those students to be cheerful, honest, and, in the most, eager to learn and have a great interest in Japanese culture, custom, and cultural exchange.

Q3: Do the students need to be able to speak Japanese?

If the students can speak Japanese, it is the best. However, it is not a big matter, as we believe that there are some other ways to communicate, using gestures and facial expressions. What is most important in communication is whether the students can act positively. If you try hard to express yourself by non-verbal communication, the effort will certainly help you to develop a relationship with someone who doesn't understand your language. Nonetheless, we encourage the students to learn some basic Japanese phrases, such as "hello", "thank you", "good morning" which will be great icebreakers when you meet a host family and new friends.

Q4: When and how can I know who is accepted?

Those selected will be notified in early October by e-mail and will be provided further instructions. We will also announce those selected on this web site.