2016 MNCC Japan Homestay Program

    The total amount of the fundraising activities during 2016 Academic Homestay Program and the donations from the students and teachers was $2,904.45.
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    Screening Result for 2016 Japan Homestay Scholarship Program

    Firstly, we apologize for the delay of the result announcement.

    After careful screening and intense discussion, we regret to inform that there are no winners selected for 2016 Japan Homestay Scholarship program. The committee has decided to extend its search for the candidates in order to broaden and strengthen the pool of students who are enthusiastic and keen to lean Japanese culture, to interact with the new people.

    Dear Applicants,
    Thank you very much for your interest in this program. We received many qualified applications, and the screening took much longer than expected. We are sorry for any inconvenience this delay might have caused. Please continue to be curious about different cultures and we wish you every personal and academic success in the future.

    The outline for next screening will be announced soon.

Fundrasing Volunteer Activity 原資となったボランティア活動


    Thank you letter from scholarship students (2011-2012)

    I appreciate all of the students and families who helped to raise money for the MNCC scholarship program that sent me and four other American students to live in and go to school in Japan for two weeks.It is a great program and I will never forget the experiences that I had while living in Japan. I want to help with future fundraising so more students can go to Japan. - Derek Hines-Mohrman, Olympia, Washington, USA


    Dear All Volunteers
    I want to thank you so much! i think i got as much as you possibly could get out of the homestay program. i experienced school and daily life, and it was so amazing and diffrent. i did so many great things in japan. i have always wanted to go to japan but it was just a dream. thanks to all these wonderful people you made my dream come true and started my life of adventuring. i always wanted to travel the world and all of you volunteers were my push to get me started. everything went so perfect, from boarding the plane to arriving in japan, living with a wonderful family that i would have never meet without you guys! the mncc program has treated me so great thanks to you guys. i loved my time spent in japan. you have made 5 students from around the west coast extremely grateful and we all thank you so much. thank you so much for the plane tickets and working so hard to raise money for us. i deeply appreicate it. thank you for everything i am so grateful and honored! THANKS! i would love to also participate in volunteering for others.

    - Anthony Lopez, Los Banos, California, USA


    Thank you students for fundraising and doing all the other things you did to earn money for the American students (like me) to go to Japan. I had a great experience! I’m so glad I went. I met so many new people and made so many new friends. Everyone was so nice over there and I adored my host family! They were so nice and funny! Thank you for raising enough money for me to have a life changing adventure! Also thank you American host families who helped the students by getting them to school every day, and by helping them raise funds, and also by purchasing the products and services being offered in the fundraisers. Thank you for supporting me! - Katie Nugent, Los Banos, California, USA